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Saturday 19th June 2021

1:00 PM

UKSCN London

UKSCN London members will be introducing our #DropShell campaign and what we are doing.

1:30 PM

Bella May

Bella May (she/her) is 20 year old from Brighton. She is currently studying at the University of Reading. Her placard is featured in the Our Future Planet exhibition, which has been sponsored by Shell. She was not made aware of the sponsorship before it was featured and is appalled by this outright greenwashing.

2:00 PM

Eric Damien

Eric Damien (he/him, she/her), from Nairobi, Kenya, is a climate justice activist with Fridays For Future Kenya and MAPA. He is passionate about using digital communication specialising in systemic oppression.

2:30 PM

Sjoukie van Oosterhout

Sjoukje van Oosterhout is currently working for Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) and based in Amsterdam. Since the beginning of 2020, she has been part of the team that works on the lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell as a policy officer climate & energy. Before working for Milieudefensie, Sjoukje worked in London at Friends of the Earth England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as a Brexit policy advisor to ensure the environment and climate were top of mind during the Brexit negotiations.

3:00 PM

Asad Rehman

Asad Rehman is the director of War on Want, an anti poverty charity, and a climate justice campaigner.

3:30 PM

Holly Gillibrand

Holly is a 16 year old environmental activist and has been involved with FFF Scotland since it started in early 2019, as well as rewilding charities Heal Rewilding and Scotland: The Big Picture.

4:00 PM

Dr Emma Sayer

Dr Emma Sayer is Reader in Ecosystem Ecology at Lancaster University. Her research focuses on forest carbon storage and the impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems. Emma is passionate about combating climate change and about making the relevant research accessible to everyone.

4:30 PM

Bill McGuire

Bill McGuire is an academic, broadcaster, activist and Amazon UK Top 100 popular science and speculative fiction writer. Bill is a volcanologist by inclination and training. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Geophysical and Climate Hazards at University College London, a co-director of the New Weather Institute, a patron of Scientists for Global Responsibility, a member of the scientific advisory board of Scientists Warning and Special Scientific Advisor to His new novel, SKYSEED, is an ecothriller about climate engineering gone wrong and the awful consequences for humanity and the planet when everything goes pear-shaped.

5:00 PM

Evelyn Acham

Evelyn Acham is a climate activist from Uganda and the national coordinator for the Rise Up Movement as well as an Article Angel with Global Choices. Evelyn organises individual and group strikes and campaigns, and is also an active member with Fridays for Future.

5:30 PM

UKSCN London

An update on our campaign!

6:00 PM

UKSCN London

6:30 PM

James Marriott & Terry Macalister

Terry Macalister is the former Energy Editor of the Guardian. James Marriott works as part of Platform and co-authored The Oil Road. Together they wrote Crude Britannia: How Big Oil Shaped a Nation.

7:00 PM

Destiny Boka Batesa

Destiny Boka Batesa (they/them) is 18 years old and co-founder of Choked Up, a group of students campaigning for the enshrinement and protection of Black and Brown lives in Clean Air law.

7:30 PM

Josh Harris

Josh Harris recently graduated in natural sciences from Cambridge and is particularly passionate about ecology and nature restoration. He currently works for the Beaver Trust, a small charity focused on using beavers to restore riparian landscapes in the UK. He also produces his own wildlife and science communication films.

8:00 PM

Marina Melandis

Marina (she/her) is a Greek-British-Canadian settler on the unceded, unsurrendered territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations (currently known as Vancouver, BC). She is the Founder and Co-Managing Director of Youth4Nature, a global, youth-led organization mobilizing young people to lead on solutions for both the climate and ecological crises.

8:30 PM

Dr Alice Bell

Dr Alice Bell is a campaigner, writer and former Science Museum employee. Her book on the history of the climate crisis, Our Biggest Experiment, will be published by Bloomsbury in July.

9:00 PM

Dr Michal Nachmany

Dr Michal Nachmany is an international climate policy and governance expert with background in law, finance, and multinational project management. She is the founder and CEO of Climate Policy Radar, a not for profit climate startup, mapping global climate policy using AI. She spent a decade at the Grantham Research Institute, LSE, where she led the work on the Institute’s structured datasets and tools, building evidence-based decision-making tools for national legislation and policy and low-carbon investment.

9:30 PM

Bea & Natasha

Bea, a 16-year old student climate and social activist based in South East London (Greenwich) and I'm also here on behalf of Teach The Future, a UK wide, youth-led organisation who campaigns for climate action, education and justice, of whom I have been a part of since November 2020 but i have participated in youth strikes since 2019. I have engaged in equally important conversations with politicians as well as supporting grass works community projects to catalyse a shift to a more sustainable society.

10:00 PM

Prof Julia Steinberger

Professor Julia Steinberger is a Professor of Societal Challenges of Climate Change at the University of Lausanne and researches and teaches in the interdisciplinary areas of Ecological Economics and Industrial Ecology. Her research examines the connections between resource use (energy and materials, greenhouse gas emissions) and societal performance (economic activity and human wellbeing).

10:30 PM

Dorothy Guerrero

Dorothy Guerrero is Head of Policy & Advocacy with Global Justice Now. She's an author, popular educator, campaigner and organiser for more than 3 decades now. Originally from the Philippines, she started her activism against the Marcos dictatorship at age 16. Her work on climate justice is linked with negative impacts of trade & investments in the global South, southern debts, gender and other economic justice issues. She worked in the national, regional and global campaigns in previous organisations based in the Philippines, Germany, Thailand, and South Africa before she joined GJN.

11:00 PM

EJ Fawcett

EJ Fawcett is a 19 year old Youth Climate Activist. They are an active member of multiple Oxfordshire Activist groups and in 2020 they founded Autistic Youth Climate Activists group. AYCA was formed because many Autistic Youth Climate Activists saw a need for a space where they could work together to improve the Climate Movement’s attitude towards Autistic people and educate Climate Activists on Autistic traits. They also provide a safe space for Autistic Activists to freely discuss the issues that matter to them.

11:30 PM

Fatima-Zahrae Tarib

Fatima-Zahrae Tarib is a 19 year old climate activist and social justice advocate from Morocco. She’s a member of Polluters Out, an international coalition of the entire climate movement and grassroots organisations from around the world working together to kick the fossil fuel industry out of spheres of influence.

Sunday 20th June 2021

12:00 AM

Gregg Efraim

Gregory Efraim is a climate activist from Ottawa, ON, Canada who is a member of FFF Ottawa and Climate Strike Canada, as well as the co-founder of the Ottawa-Gatineau Climate Group.

12:30 AM

UKSCN London

1:30 AM

UKSCN London

2:00 AM

Noemie Cecilia Huttner-Koros

Noemie Cecilia Huttner-Koros is a queer jewish performance-maker, writer, dramaturg and community organiser based on unceded Whadjuk Noongar country in Walyalup (fremantle), Western Australia (WA). Noemie's practice is driven by a deep belief in the social, political and communal role of art and culture and in engaging with sites and histories where queer culture, composting and ecological crisis occur.

She is an organiser with Arts & Cultural Workers for Climate Action and has worked with organisations including Australian Youth Climate Coalition,, Front Line Action on Coal and Brink Fossil Free arts festival.

Noemie was involved in getting Perth's Fringe World festival to drop Woodside.

2:30 AM

UKSCN London

3:00 AM


Climate striker from Australia

3:30 AM

Robert A. Arangorin

Robert A. Arangorin (Hi/him/his) is a senior Field Officer/Lead of Operation for this year 2021 for Centre for Sustainability in the Phillipenes. He has been part of CS for 5 years now, and has a background in Forestry. Robert has lead two Big Projects, the Saving the Almaciga Tree Project which is first of a kind in the Philippines, and the Wildlife Enforcement Project. For both of these projects he works closely with the Indigenous people the Batak and Tagbanua in the area.

4:00 AM

Frank Granda

Frank Granda is an 18 year climate activist hailing from California, USA who has been personally impacted by devastating wildfires.

4:30 AM

UKSCN London

5:00 AM

UKSCN London

5:30 AM

Nathalie Refigo

Works for Corporate Accountability, based in Latin America

6:00 AM

Davit Sidamonidze

PhD of human geography, guest lecturer, teacher, traveler, environmentalist, project manager, FoE Georgia representative to FoE/I and a person who try to be human.

6:30 AM


Gabriel is a campaigner and activist based in London. He’s a co-founder of Divest Hackney and LSE Divest and is active in groups working towards fossil fuel divestment and organising for a Green NEw Deal. He currently works for the organisation Uplift, campaigning for an end to North Sea oil and gas extraction and a Just Transition.

7:00 AM

Ianthe Minnaert

Ianthe Minnaert is a 17 year old climate justice activist from the Netherlands. She's been active in Fridays For Future (NL) for 2 years and has since learned the importance of not only fighting for a future, but fighting for climate justice. She has organised many actions and tries to educate the people around her and on social media.

7:30 AM

Rachel Kennerley

Rachel is the International Climate Campaigner at Friends of the Earth and climate justice activist. Her work aims to make sure we’re always thinking beyond national boundaries when tackling the climate crisis and making sure climate solutions work for the most marginalised and locally, nationally and internationally. Rachel has worked on policy tracking for climate justice movements at UN climate talks for 5 years and is currently challenging $100bn of UK financial support for a new gas mega project in Mozambique.

8:00 AM


Abolitionist ‘third culture’ intersectional activist from Lebanon-Venezuela. Vocal about socioecological issues through critical youth-led pedagogy, anarcha-feminism, as well as indigenous and peasant struggles. I grow food and share cooked meals as a means of spreading mutual aid disaster relief in Beirut.

8:30 AM


Kiki is part of the Shell Must Fall collective. #ShellMustFall is a campaign by Netherlands-based action collective Code Rood that battles the fossil fuel industry and its power. They announced their dedication to making Shell fall at Shell’s 2019 annual shareholders’ meeting, and have since been prganising actions and have been part of a coalition researching a Future Beyond Shell.

9:00 AM

Robyn Mcsharry

Labour for a Green New Deal

9:30 AM

Zoe Rasbash

Zoe Rasbash is a systems change organiser at UKYCC, and researcher at Watershed on the creative industries and the climate emergency. She previously led the UK youth delegation to COP24, worked at Amnesty International supporting their climate position paper and recently cofounded Lilith, a DIY film archive for global women and nonbinary nature filmmakers.

10:00 AM


Robin is an organiser with Fossil Free London, a grassroots group which campaigns to kick the fossil fuel industry out of our city. She has previously organised with Reclaim the Power and is part of the Phulbari Solidarity Group.

10:30 AM

Rianna Gargiulo

Rianna Gargiulo is a Campaign and Community Organiser at Friends of the Earth. In this role, she supports grassroots groups campaigning to secure fossil fuel divestment commitments from their local councils and works in partnership with the "UK Divest" coalition to advocate for a range of institutions to divest from fossil fuels. She has 7 years of experience in the charity sector and within students' unions coordinating a range of campaigns - including on equal pay, period poverty, sexual consent and mental health, and holds an MA in Gender and Development from the Institute of Development Studies. Rianna is also a Trustee of Citizens' Advice Eastbourne and volunteers her time as a mentor for The Girls' Network.

11:00 AM

Nyombi Morris

Nyombi Morris is a climate justice activist from Uganda and advocate of SDG13 together with the Fridays For Future Movement.

11:30 AM

Zeynab Caba

Zeynab Caba is currently studying a masters in Health Policy in London. She also works part time as an Emergency Call Coordinator for the London Ambulance Service and has developed a passion and a deep interest in public health and health data science over the course of her educational career. Zeynab's interests are in global health, health inequalities, environmental health and social justice.

12:00 PM

Lazarus Tamana

Mr. Lazarus Tamana, was born in Ogoniland, Rivers State, Nigeria. Came to the UK in 1980. He was the President of the Movement For The Survival of The Ogoni People (MOSOP) UK from 1994 to 2009. Led a successful Ogoni and Nigerian campaign in the UK against the Military rule in Nigeria in the 1990s.

Mr. Tamana played a strategic role in the case of Indigenous Bodo people, who successfully sued Shell in the London court in 2014 for oil spills which occurred in Ogoniland in 2008.

As the European co-ordinator of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People(MOSOP) from 1997 to 2019, Mr. Tamana worked closely over the years with MOSOP campaign partners in the UK and Europe.

Currently the President of the Movement for The Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) Nigeria.

12:30 PM

UKSCN London

UKSCN London will finish off this livestream, talking about what's next for this campaign!